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Registration Form for the 2001 Kids Tournament

James River Smallmouth Club

Name of adult to fish:_________________________________________________________________

Name of JRS Club member if this is a guest registration form:___________________________________

Name of Child:              ______________________________________    Age:_______ Shirt size: S M L                  (Children) to fish                                   

                                    ______________________________________    Age:_______  Shirt size: S M L                                                

                                   ______________________________________    Age:_______   Shirt size: S M L


I understand that participation in this event is "at my own risk".  By completing this registration form I agree that I assume all related risk.  The James River Smallmouth Club, its officers, tournament coordinators, sponsors and beneficiaries will not be responsible for any injury or damage arising from or related to participation in this tournament.

Signature:___________________________________________________________   Date:_______________

        The entry fee is $25.00 which includes the adult and one child, for each child after that add $5.00 to cover the cost of the additional T-shirt.  Please pay entry fees at check in the morning of the tournament.   If you fish with more than one child, you may choose one of two options for weigh-in, you may keep the fish seperate for each child to compete individually or you may choose one appropriate age division(to be determined by # & ages of participants) and weigh as a team in that division. . .be aware there will be a trophy for each child, but there will only be one prize for a placing.  There should be door prize drawings and hopefully all the children will get something in the drawing again this year.

# of people attending the cookout_____________  Parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. are all welcome.  If you or a family member are available to volunteer to help with cooking or weigh-in please let me know or if you would like to make a donation of prizes or money to purchase prizes, call Julie Poston 598-3293 or email me at   We also need someone to volunteer to handle check-in and collect entry fees at Cartersville Boat Landing from 6:15 to 7:00 am and bring the information down to Westview.